AsiaOne Travel challenge: Top 3 Instagram stories of the week

SINGAPORE - Rude pigeons, curious llamas and bubbly children - these photo subjects could be found just about anywhere. But what arrested AsiaOne's attention were the stories behind these encounters.

Two weeks ago we asked readers to send in photos of their most interesting travel encounters and experiences. While there were many brilliant photographs, there could only be three winners. 

Here are our top three picks of the week:


Nomad life: The kids take an active role in caring and herding the animals in the day and studying under one single weak fluorescent light bulb at night. The hours are seamless but they're are incredibly happy. There never seems to be one selfish thought of "Oh God I have a test tomorrow, I need to study, leave me alone I can't deal with this".

They do well enough in school and they show love via actions and not petty celebrations and proclamations. I feel slightly ashamed but incredibly humbled by the kids and grateful that I've learnt something. Anyway seriously these gorgeous kids with such genuine laughter- out of a fashion catalogue that no model can emulate.


Venice might be most famous for its romantic gondola rides, but did you know it's also equally infamous for another problem?

Its pigeon infestation issue. Due to illegal feeding from tourists, these pigeons have multiplied exponentially and started to terrorise people, including tourists. In this photo, a little girl gets attacked by a daring pigeon in the middle of Piazza San Marco.


Here's one of those moments I want to relive again during my six months in South America. I stopped at a small town for the night and was taking a stroll before dinner right at the edge of the town when a herd of 30-40 llamas appeared from nowhere.

They were heading "home". They had no fear of humans and were comfortable with me around. It was as though we were all blessed by those warm golden rays surrounding us."

This week's photo challenge: 

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All you have to do is to submit up to three entries on Instagram along with interesting stories on the theme "Badass travel snaps with mom".

What's the most badass thing you and your mom have ever done together on a trip? We want to see it!

The challenge will close on 11.59pm on May 8.

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Remember to hashtag #ATSmomandme in your entries to take up on the challenge.

How to submit an entry:

1. Follow on Instagram

2. Tag us and include the relevant hashtag of the week in all three entries.

3. Photo entries must be accompanied by a compelling story description.

4. Participants must live in Singapore.

5. Participants must reset privacy settings to public for us to view submissions. 

Anyone can take a good photo, but it's the story behind it that counts.

Let's hear yours.

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