Award-winning spa treatment in Sabah

PHOTO: Facebook/YTL Hotels

Need to ease your stress away? Why not opt for a signature spa treatment during the coming holidays next month.

It's the Tadau Kaamatan, or "A Couple's Celebration of Rice" at the Gaya Island Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This spa experience by YTL Hotels' Spa Village Gaya Island was awarded 'Spa Treatment of the Year' at the AsiaSpa Awards 2015 in Hong Kong.

The distinctive journey spa programme pays tribute to rice which has an important mythical role in the Kadazandusun culture.

Every year, during the Tadau Kaamatan or Harvest festival, the indigenous people of Sabah offer thanksgiving to the revered rice spirit Bambaazon for a bountiful harvest.

The his and her spa experience pays tribute to these Kadazandusun legends with the honoured element of rice, using the finest fresh local ingredients. The couple's three-hour treatment includes a body scrub, hair masque, and Urutan Pribumi, an indigenous massage with rice pouches that were traditionally used to rejuvenate and restore mobility and flexibility for padi planters, farmers, seafarers and warriors, before concluding with a facial.