Beach resort getaway in Johor is fishing haven

The tropical of Pemanggil Island (pulau) captures the imagination of those who love the sea and its tranquillity. Also magnificent popular for its garden of corals and fishing habitat.

Those looking for a quiet holiday or seeking sea adventures will love Pemanggil Island and the treasures it can offer. And, we have the right spot for you too.

Lanting Beach Resort (LBR) offer you great destination for saltwater fishing enthusiasts. Pemanggi Island is well know for its fishing haven.

The view at this rocky and hilly resort is breathtaking, almost like a bird's eye view. On your way to the dining and leisure are you have to climb a very steep staircase, so steep that you can touch the stairs while climbing it. When reaching there, you can see a collection of antiques, ie. watches, cameras, gramophone, antique radio set, etc.


ADDRESS: No 31 Jalan Mawar 17,Taman Mawar Cheras 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

TELEPHONE: +603-4297 9348

FAX: +603-4131 6698



CONTACT PERSON: Mr Sallehuddean Bin Latiff

CONTACT NUMBER: +6019-254 9348

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