A beach in Tasmania turned electric blue and the Instagrams are incredible

What sorcery is this?

Preservation Bay on Tasmania's north-west coast glowed bright shades of blue over the weekend, and Instagram in particular, was not disappointed.

The effect was thanks to a bloom of bioluminescent algae, making it look otherworldly to say the least.

"It was very interesting watching this iridescent aquamarine colour light up the waves as they crashed," photographer Brett Chatwin told The Advocate.

"It was as good as shooting the Aurora Australis, but a bit easier."

The algae are single-cell organisms called dinoflagellates (also adorably known as "sea sparkle") which light up when threatened. Similar phenomena have occurred in the same area before.

According to National Geographic, bioluminescence can be used to defend against predators, but can also illuminate the way for hunters to seek their prey.

There are almost no native freshwater organisms that are bioluminescent, so you'll only find these kinds of photo opportunities along the coast.

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