Booking a flight with SIA or SilkAir soon? Take note of these new fare types from Jan 2018

Travellers who are thinking of booking a seat on economy class with Singapore Airlines (SIA) and SilkAir will soon have to select from three new fare types: Lite, Standard or Flexi. This new fare type also applies to Business Class seats.

In a joint statement today (Dec 15), SIA and SilkAir said that the two airlines will be introducing a new airfare pricing structure next month. This will affect advance seat selection, frequent flyer mileage accrual rates, baggage allowance, and changes or refund flexibility for some fare types.

The new fare types will be introduced on Jan 20, 2018, for all tickets sold worldwide. Depending on the class of travel, customers will have up to three types of airfare to choose from when making a booking.

Here's a breakdown of the new airfare pricing types and what you'll get for each:


- Baggage allowance for Flexi fares will increase to 35kg.

- Baggage allowance for Lite and Standard fares will remain at 30kg.

- Advance seat selection, which is currently available for all Economy Class bookings at no charge, will be chargeable for Lite fares, starting from US$5 (S$6.75) per flight segment. It will still be available in advance at no charge for families with children (12 years old and under) in the same booking.

- No charges will apply for advance seat selection for Standard and Flexi fare types, although a new category of Forward Zone seats - which are in higher demand - will be chargeable for Standard fares.

- Charges will also continue to apply for Extra Legroom seats, which were previously known as Preferred seats.

- All customers regardless of fare type will be able to make seat selection at no charge during the Internet check-in window up to 48 hours in advance to travel.

- Frequent flyer mileage accrual rates will be set at 50 per cent for Lite fares, 75 per cent for Standard fares and 100 per cent for Flexi fares.


Two fare types will be available in Premium Economy Class - Standard and Flexi.

- Baggage allowance will be unchanged at 35kg for both fare types.

- Mileage accrual, which is at 110 per cent now, will increase to 125 per cent for the Flexi fare type

- Mileage accrual for Standard fare type will be reduced to 100 per cent.

- Advance seat selection will continue to be available at no charge for all Premium Economy Class bookings.


Three fare types will also be available in Business Class: Lite, Standard and Flexi.

- Baggage allowance will be unchanged at 40kg.

- Advance seat selection will continue to be available at no charge for all bookings.

- Mileage accrual will increase to 150 per cent for Flexi fare type, while it will be set at 125 per cent for Standard and Lite fares.


- Krisflyer mileage accrual will increase to 200 per cent from 150 per cent for Suites and First Class bookings.