Budget hotels booking platform ZenRooms is winning customers with personal touch

When one talks about hotel booking, a few online hotel booking platforms come to mind - Agoda, Expedia or even Booking.com.

While these companies might have a global reach, they may be slow in terms of innovation or providing a personal touch to customers as compared to newer startups.

Recently, we had the chance to try out ZenRooms , a fast rising online hotel booking platform in Southeast Asia.

ZenRooms prides itself for carefully selecting the best budget hotels and promises guests a number of in-room amenities which are essential: clean rooms, comfortable bed, in-room shower, air conditioner, including free Wi-Fi. To guarantee guests satisfaction, the ZenRooms team also leads unexpected audit visits on hotels partners.

Here's a look at the website:

Personal Touch To Customers

During our recent visit to a hotel provided by ZenRooms, what we really liked was the great customer service provided, and on top of that, there were custom made welcome gifts for all guests of ZenRooms, which made us felt like the team really spent a lot of effort on the ground - something which bigger companies are unable to provide due to the scale.

Photo: ZEN Rooms 

Unlike other hotel sites, ZenRooms focuses only on the budget hotels for customers.

It aims to be "the biggest budget hotel brand network in Southeast Asia," says co-founder and global managing director Kiren Tanna, who was previously chief executive officer at Foodpanda, a restaurant delivery platform backed by Rocket Internet.

Working with budget hotels for ZenRooms also sets itself apart from other hotel booking platforms, because these budget hotels might be not have their own website, though they meet all the requirements laid out by Zen Rooms in terms of comfort, and location.

Booking one through ZenRooms is relatively easy - select the hotel you are interested in, and once you have made the payments, there are also email and sms notifications which notify you on the direction to the hotel.

This is something which other hotel booking platforms do not provide.

Successful in the Indonesian market and expanding rapidly with more than 600 hotels partners and 2400 rooms available, ZenRooms is also available in Singapore, Thailand and even Sri Lanka.

The company is also reporting more than 250 bookings daily, helping customers book the best budget hotels.

"Guests love our quality services and enjoy our selection of best budget hotels for their favourite destinations in South East Asia.

Our brand is etched in their hearts as our team works hard to deliver our quality stay promise", Managing Director, Kiren Tanna.

If you are interested to give ZenRooms a try, ZEN Rooms offers a 20 per cent discount on your first booking.

You can use the voucher "VULCAN" in the voucher code section.

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