Can you sue a hotel for bed bug bites?

Can you sue a hotel for bed bug bites?

In short, you can sue a hotel for bed bug bites, says Samuel Seow, managing director of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

"You may bring a legal action under the tort of negligence," he explains.

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To bring a claim, it is necessary to show that the hotel owed a duty of care to you, that they had breached that duty of care and that you have suffered recoverable damage as a result of their breach.

Hotel owners, managers and their operators owe a general duty of care to hotel guests and are under a duty to provide accommodation which is in a reasonably safe condition.

Samuel adds: "You are strongly encouraged to keep evidence such as the hotel's failure to reasonably upkeep the accommodation, their failure to attend to and treat a bed bug problem after receiving complaints from guests or pictures of your injuries, so as to be able to prove that there had been a breach of duty on the hotel's part and that you have suffered as a result."

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