Change your fortune: travelled to these places yet?

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1. If you were born in the year of horse

Horses can expect a whole lot of opportunities in 2016, as long as they do their best at everything they do and not cut any corners.

You are also advised to rest up, eat right and exercise to stay in top condition for your 2016 efforts. For a low-risk, high-return holiday with lots of things to eat, try a short getaway to Hong Kong.

The food there is excellent, of course, and there are many opportunities for exercise in the hikes and day trips to the hinterlands.

And the malls and markets offer bargains galore, which will help you avoid losing big when out shopping.

The horoscopes say you will have plenty of stamina and energy after June so why not book a flight for the latter half of the year?

2. If you were born in the year of tiger

For Tigers, 2016 will be a year of changes, in your career and personal life alike. Many of these changes will be for the better, but not all. Fortunately for you, Bali is unchanging in its position as a beautiful and fun getaway for you and yours.

No matter what else is different, you always know that you'll get great food, awesome beaches, parties and serenity when you go.

Its consistency is a virtue.

You are to take special care when dealing with loved ones as it could be a challenging year when it comes to family and friends.

Additionally, Tigers are advised to monitor their health carefully especially when you feel anxious and vulnerable in your interpersonal relationships and we can't think of a better place than Bali for such maintenance.

Slow down your pace in order to preserve your well-being, and book a ticket to Bali for your family and friends to enjoy some quality time together.

3. If you were born in the year of dragon

Hey Dragons, are you prepared for a year of action and opportunity?

You'll be swimming in it in 2016, which means you'll have to hustle. You won't have many opportunities for relaxation this year, and you won't feel much like taking one even when you do have a chance for a breather.

However, breaks are necessary - all work and no play makes Dragon a bore!

That's why Skyscanner suggests a quick jaunt to Bangkok, for a bit of a breather while you re-calibrate your strategy for the rest of the year.

For those who are single, experts say you will be most charming and irresistible in July and August - meaning this is the perfect time to head abroad and socialize!

And where better than one of Asia's most exciting cities? As long as you're open and sociable as you shop, eat and tour the city, you'll be able to meet a special someone in no time.

You'll come back feeling refreshed and ready for the year's next set of challenges.

4. If you were born in the year of snake

For Snakes, your zodiac sign promises lots of interesting new opportunities for work and life balance in 2016 which you will be delighted to explore in detail.

The forecast for you is pretty auspicious; you'll feel healthier and more vital than last year with lots of energy to explore, and your intuition will not steer you wrong, as long as any action you take is preceded by careful planning.

This year, with careful planning, take yourself to one of the most vibrant cities in east Asia, Seoul.

Home to a colourful nightlife and arts scene to expand your horizons in, Seoul offers lots of thrills and retail therapy for the well-prepared tourist. According to your horoscope, all you need to pack with you is an optimistic spirit and enthusiasm.

Skyscanner of course will be delighted to help you with those preparations, so come find your tickets and hotels with our handy traveller tools.

5. If you were born in the year of rabbit

Rabbits are in for a joyous and happy 2016, though along the way they will face a year of unexpected challenges and unforeseen changes in plans.

Don't despair as there will be opportunities that you will savour in like travel, festivals and social events!

Things will ultimately work out in your favour, though you should stock up on travel insurance before going anywhere.

For a destination that will reward your perseverance, come to Malaysia's most comfortable and liveable city, Penang.

Enjoy the colonial sights and culinary delights of Georgetown, and escape to the pristine beaches with friends or family that lie a short drive away.

If you go in August, you'll enjoy the multi-sensory experience that is George Town Festival, where the city comes alive to celebrate all that makes Penang great. With so much on, one cancellation or delay couldn't possibly ruin your fun.

6. If you were born in the year of rooster

2016 is a year of excitement, adventure and new experiences but you should be careful to evaluate their implications.

Roosters may have to be careful with their relationships in the first part of the year, as their partners may not agree with some of their plans, even though these plans have an excellent chance for success.

To smooth things over, treat your partner to an exotic getaway in London, that wonderful city of culture and history where you can get close to royalty and enjoy spending time together and revitalizing your relationship.

There is so much to see and do that there will be no time for arguments or disagreements. Singles can use this opportunity to travel to London for some quality self-discovery.

It's an orderly place where common sense rules, which fits Roosters to a tee.

7. If you were born in the year of rat

According to your horoscope forecast, 2016 promises to be a year full of fun and socializing for Rats due to the fact that you and the Monkey get along well.

It's a year for good food, good friends and good times.

The perfect place for such activities is of course Phuket, the beach-side haven in Thailand's south, where food and sunshine rule and close friends bond even closer.

2016 is not a year for haste, and the laid-back atmosphere of Thailand's best beach city is the ideal place to make sure that does not happen.

This is especially true when you need to stop and regroup during Mercury retrograde cycles from April to May or August to September.

8. If you were born in the year of dog

Dogs will experience lots of ups and downs in 2016 but at the same time you will also get a big boost of energy this year to get things done.

Patience is required, but your patience and prudence will be rewarded.

Creativity is of utmost importance in all areas of your life in 2016, so your zodiac sign suggests you head to one of Asia's most creative places: Tokyo.

You'll be inspired in just about every neighbourhood when you visit this vibrant metropolis.

Fashion, art, music and more: Tokyo has it all, and you'll never know where you'll find it.

There are also big events every year, like Tokyo Design Festa, held in May, where creative types the world over congregate and display their works.

For the more otaku-inclined, there is Tokyo Comic Con, held in December, to quench your thirst for all things anime.

Furthermore, Dogs don't enjoy delays and postponements, so what better place to visit than Tokyo - known for its accurate and punctual ways?

9. If you were born in the year of ox

Oxes have a lot of chances for career advancement in store for 2016; extra opportunities for responsibility and growth will happen, but your horoscope forecast cautions not to let these promotions go to your head.

Others may get jealous of your success, so don't go around rubbing people's faces in your awesome accomplishments.

A nice place for a low-key beach vacation for a necessary change of scenery with your partner is Langkawi, beautiful, classy yet not too remote or flashy.

Oxes prefer things slow, steady and natural, qualities that Langkawi is awash in.

Jet off for a weekend, or take a few days off and extend the time away on this peaceful island where time slows to a crawl and you can savour the company of the people you love.

10. If you were born in the year of sheep

For Sheep, 2016's horoscope prediction promises it to be a year of sensible travelling and wise business decisions.

Sheep tend to be especially sensitive to art and beauty, which is why Skyscanner knows that Melbourne is the perfect destination this year.

Melbourne is the most European of all the Australian cities, with a lively arts and music scene and lots of nightlife to keep you occupied while you're there, but also containing many opportunities for rest and contemplation.

Monkey's need for speed is not always to your liking but we know Melbourne's slow and steady pace will leave you contented. You'll find the best of all worlds here in this positive and relaxing city.

11. If you were born in the year of pig

Pigs have a lot of challenges in store for 2016, but their innate qualities will help them meet these with aplomb. Astrology experts highlight travel for this year.

The later months are forecast to be the low point of the year for Pigs, but fortunately the perfect place for a pick-me-up is just a flight away. Head to Sydney to enjoy some surf and sunshine in Australia's biggest city.

It's a big vital place, but there are still plenty of opportunities to relax beach-side sipping on a flat white enjoying the pace of life and the beautiful weather of this gorgeous and romantic Australian city.

It's impossible to feel down in such beautiful surroundings.

This Monkey year is your year to bring life to any party you happen to attend, so why not bring the energy to Sydney and have a g'day with some new mates?

12. If you were born in the year of monkey

For 2016, Monkeys will experience a whole range of exciting occasions.

This is YOUR year! This year will be a time of opportunities and chances, and your lively personality and quick wits will help you navigate the dizzying array of possibilities.

All you have to do is stay active.

For a city full of exciting opportunities, Shanghai is the place.

Your zodiac sign strongly suggests a short trip to this bustling port-side metropolis on the banks of the Yangtse, where you will find action, excitement, great food and possibly even potential for business.

Go with colleagues for a work-bonding experience, or go alone to explore and discover. No matter who you go with, you can't go wrong.