A cheater's guide to the best budget holiday

Prices are different on every booking website you visit, not too sure where to visit and everyone wants to visit some obscure location that the other does not (is it not ironic that planning for a relaxing holiday is actually exhausting)!

We have been through all of that and know how difficult it is plan and execute the perfect vacation; especially when on a tight budget.

So here is our cheater's guide to help make that vacation plan come to life, without losing a full head of hair or breaking the piggy bank!

Get that air ticket booked!

Most important rule of thumb for getting the best price for an air ticket, is to book it as far in advance as possible! If you are not as far sighted, it is alright because we got you covered.

Check out Skyscanner. It helps you compare all major and airlines, sieving out all possible air ticket options. You could filter the search by airline, total journey time or the number of layovers.

Skyscanner also offers a service that alerts you of price changes via email; with regard to the current search performed.

Best part of it all, you can just forward the email to your family or friends instead of texting them individually to notify them of the price change.

Accommodation Shouldn't Be Costing You a Leg

Once you have locked in your air tickets, it is time to sniff out the hotels with Trivago!

It works just like Skyscanner as it compares prices among leading hotel booking websites like Agoda, Booking.com and Expedia to give you the best bang for your buck! We have tried Trivago and it really works!

So you can be rest assured that you get the best price for that hotel.

For those who prefer to experience their holiday like a local or are on a budget, try out Airbnb. From renting out an entire apartment or house to just renting a room for a couple of nights, Airbnb has got your covered.

Stay with locals and experience life as you would if you were one! Prices are much cheaper as compared to hotels and with some located in prime districts, why not?

What Shall We Do?

Well, we all know of Trip Advisor and no it not overrated. It works on reviews and ratings given by travellers just like yourself and ranks it accordingly, so rest assured that if it is ranked in the top 10 it really is one of the best.

Perfect for those who are sceptical about bloggers or reviews by magazines, check Trip Advisor out you will not be disappointed.

The other pretty awesome activity planner for a holiday is known as TouristEye, it recommends you places to go visit as well as plans your trip based on your interests for you.

Even though it needs to be online to function, you are able to store the planned itinerary on your Smartphone for use offline. (However, I am unable to find the downloaded itinerary! Genius level maximum!)

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