Chinese tourist shakes up 5 flowering trees for photo taking session

Chinese tourists are sometimes known for their ugly behaviour when they visit domestic or foreign beauty spots.

In this case, a woman and her family in Fuzhou, Fujian province angered the public by shaking a peach tree in order to take photos of the falling rain of petals.

The woman, identified by as Yi Mu, and another female family member shook a total of five trees at a national forest park in Fuzhou on March 7.

While other tourists tried to stop them, the woman said that "the flowers would fall anyway".

A Web user named Yinshui Siyuan on called for the public to condemn and stop such uncivilized behaviour immediately, instead of indulging them or exposing them later online.

"We must say a loud 'no' to them, because if we don't take measures against the barbaric behaviour, there will be less beautiful things around us," Yinshui Siyuan said.