Colours of Putrajaya

Ask anyone who's ever been to Malaysia's intelligent garden city Putrajaya, and they will tell you it's a beautiful place. Wide open roads, lush green fields, large unique landmarks, these are just some of the factors that make it stand out to become the prestigious achievement of Malaysia as a rapidly developing country. But there's a new factor in town, and it can dance.

The Musical Fountain, which resides within Marina Putrajaya, is an impressive little addition to the attractions in the garden city. Synchronised music and lights interplay with the various pressure controls adjustments and flow of water from the fountain to create a magnificent composition of patterns and lights that rise and fall to the beat of the songs. The musical fountain was introduced together with the launch of Asyik@Marina, an ongoing string of performances that take place every Saturday from 6pm to 11pm at Marina Putrajaya.

In addition to witnessing the unique Musical Fountain, people can relax with a variety of entertainment suitable for the whole family including performances from buskers, fire eaters, a magic show, clowns and the like. The musical fountain will also be part of the itinerary for the evening. In fact, the musical fountain show is the introductory sequence of the whole night and will be included in between a few of the talent performances. There are also stalls and other recreational activities such as free karaoke sessions, KMX bikes, mini futsal, giant bubbles and so on, which are believed to be able to appeal to younger people and families on holidays in Marina Putrajaya on Saturday evenings.

"Asyik@Marina" will also be promoting the diverse art and cultures of the country among visitors and tourists where on each end of the month, "Asyik@Marina" will present traditional performances that demonstrate the diversity and uniqueness of Malaysia's colourful traditions.

The Musical Fountain which is the first attraction of its kind in Putrajaya was introduced for the first time during the annual flotilla parade, "Magic of the Night" which was organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia in mid 2014. Accompanying the colourful floats in the lake, the musical fountain mesmerised visitors with colourful rhythms and interesting tunes. On Saturdays, the fountain activates for another round of dancing every hour, at 8.30pm, 9.30pm and finally at 10.30pm. It also showcases a water screen performance that displays a variety of show video clips.

So if you're looking for something new to witness and experience, you'll surely enjoy this magnificent spectacle of lights and sounds, including the musical fountain show, various recreational activities and thrilling performances all at Asyik@Marina, Marina Putrajaya, now open every Saturday from 6pm to 11pm.

Apart from the wondrous show that Asyik@Marina has to offer, Marina Putrajaya is full to the brim with its own activities, including the Tasik Putrajaya Cruise - one of the best tourist attractions in Putrajaya. As a way of complimenting the administrative capital of Putrajaya as a garden city that is as picturesque as it is functional, the cruise revolves around the Putrajaya Lake, which represents the greater part of the extensive man-made lake and wetlands system that covers an area of 650 hectares. Together, the lake and the cityscapes of Putrajaya create a charming appeal.

Putrajaya's cruise service provider, Cruise Tasik Putrajaya (CTPCTP operates cruise services that include sightseeing tours with an option of a dining cruise experience, and private boat charters for functions or events.

Sightseeing Cruise Boat: The cruise boat is a 65-footer, fully air-conditioned vessel that seats 76 persons comfortably. The boat's special feature is its wraparound glass windows arching from the seat armrest to the ceiling, providing passengers with an unobstructed view of the scenic surroundings. The route goes around Putrajaya Lake, its duration is 45 minutes and is scheduled for an hourly departure.

Dondang Sayang Perahu: The 4-seater and 6-seater perahus are wooden gondola-like vessels designed in the traditional Malay style with intricate carvings by local craftsmen. Manned by a single boatman, this unique mode of transportation offers an intimate and romantic way to see Putrajaya. The route takes passengers around Jeti Putra to the Prime Minister's Residence, and its duration is approximately 25 minutes.

Dining Cruise Boat: Dining on board the 80-foot Dining Cruise Boat while gliding pass the scenic wonders of Putrajaya is an unforgettable experience. The airconditioned luxury cruise boat seats up to 60 persons and serves a variety of sumptuous meals. The boats are also available for private charter and perfectly suited for exclusive corporate or social gathering.

There are also services for private charters, including brunch, lunch, hi-tea, dinner, cocktails, lakeside dinners, wedding cruises, party cruises, birthdays, product launches, seminars, and more. This route goes around Putrajaya Lake and its duration is roughly 1.5 to 2 hours.

Another upcoming attraction in Putrajaya worth mentioning is the Skyrides Festival Park which offers visitors thrilling rides on one of the biggest tethered helium balloons and is the first of its kind in Malaysia. The balloons are environmentally safe, non-polluting and virtually silent.

Standing 150 meters tall, they hold up to 30 passengers, and are EASA certified (European safety standard) with the ability to climb up to a max of 300 metres, higher than any tall buildings in Putrajaya. Families and friends will be having a blast with the thrilling rides that this park has to offer. Along with the balloons, a Sky Warrior obstacle course will also be available to adventure seekers who wish to test their limit and get their adrenaline pumping. It is the one and only mass-scaled obstacle course of its kind in the region.

If these aren't reasons enough to get you hyped and ready to visit Putrajaya, we don't know what is. So mark your calendars and prepare to have a blast at Malaysia's garden city!