Countries where you can travel on US$30 a day

It is a misconception that travelling is extremely costly - unless you're expecting five-star hotels and luxury cruises all the time.

Travelling on a shoestring is not for everyone, and requires some sacrifices to be made.

Choosing the right place to visit will help you win half the battle, though, and here are some destinations you can consider for your next holiday.

1. Thailand

Hostel dorm beds are going for as little as US$1.47 (S$2) per night.

You can also try the world famous street food with some meals for only US$1 (S$1.4).

2. China

Travelling to this country is very affordable for travellers from the US due to a strong currency. 

But be sure to spend less time in the big cities where costs are higher.

3. Mexico

Avoid the popular coastal areas, which are more pricey.

Instead, head inland to towns like Guanajuato & Valladolid.

4. Ukraine

Meals and beer are fairly inexpensive.

Take an overnight train for cheap long-distance travel.

5. India

Hostels & meals are very reasonable.

Haggle for everything, the price quoted is likely to be highly inflated.

6. Egypt

Many great filling meals for just US$0.50.

When booking activities, shop around because there are hugely varying prices.