Couple continue travelling despite losing all their money on first day

Would you continue travelling after losing almost all your money on the first day of your trip?

A 25-year-old girl worked and saved while travelling to make up for the loss and finally completed her more than 10,000km journey with her boyfriend. The whole trip only cost them 30,000 yuan (S$6,500), Chutian Metropolis Daily reported.

Xiong Jiawen, from Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, together with her boyfriend Wu Zhejun, 25, started their tour to seven Southeast Asian countries on October 9. They lost their wallet, containing their money, debit card and identity card on their first day on Bali Island. However, Xiong decided to continue their trip, despite having only US$100 (S$136) left.

Xiong purchased down jackets cheaply in Vietnam and sold them for a profit on WeChat, which covered a few days' expenses.

In order to save money, they walked five kilometers carrying heavy baggage under the hot sun in Bali to avoid paying the bus fare, according to their travelling records. In Cambodia, they set off at 4 am by bike to reach the tourist attractions 7 kilometres away, costing them only US$1 for the bike rental.