Delete your Instagram pictures to win a year of free flights

PHOTO: Pixabay

American low-cost airline JetBlue just started a challenge with a difference. The challenge is to delete all your posts on Instagram for a chance to fly free for a year.

"Don't worry, if you win you'll be able to post pics from everywhere we fly," read the rules on the airline's website (

So how do you enter?

Set your Instagram account to public and post a picture using a JetBlue template before Friday, March 8. Since there is no further information given it should be possible to post your private content on your Instagram story. Also, you can archive your pictures instead of deleting your favourite memories forever.

Only three winners will be selected. However, note that the advertised flights are not completely free since you are still liable for taxes and fees.

Competitions like this are no novelty. Tech Crunch notes that the Fyre Festival asked influencers to post an orange square on their pages in order to promote the event. What ́s more, several "Instaspams" are spreading online. Fake accounts invite users to repost certain images to win "free" flights.

This raises the question of why JetBlue chose this particular kind of contest. Do consider when contributing that the flights are indeed heavily discounted but not for free. Apart from that: Good luck and bon voyage!