Do not feed the dragons, say Indonesia's Komodo Park authorities

JAKARTA - Visitors have been warned not to feed the Komodo dragons found in large numbers at Komodo National Park in Indonesia.

The Komodo National Park authority has posted numerous "do not feed" signs to warn visitors around the park in east Nusa Tenggara.

The Komodo dragons are commonly spotted in the popular tourist locations of Loh Baru, Loh Wawu, Loh Dasami and Loh Wenci in Komodo Island and Rinca Island.

"The signs are posted in 10 spots to remind travellers that they are not allowed to feed the Komodo dragons," said head of the park Budi Kurniawan on Tuesday.

Budi said the large reptiles are natural hunters and being fed would negatively impact them.

Large-sized Komodo dragons are known to hunt boars, deer and horses, while smaller ones consume bugs and poultry.

"Every speedboat or cruise ship operator, guide, and traveller has to be aware of the park's rules.

"We will keep monitoring travellers' activities in the area to prevent any violations of the guidelines," said Budi.