English speakers want adventurous holidays

An international study by travel platform U2GUIDE shows that 66 per cent of Anglophone travellers choose adventure when looking to their next vacation, as opposed to 63 per cent for Hispanophones and 56 per cent for Francophones.

The global sum-up studied men and women from Anglophone (primarily the United States and Britain), Francophone (primarily France and Canada) and Hispanophone (primarily Latin America and Spain) countries to look at their intended travel habits for 2016.

The study showed that 65 per cent of Hispanophones wanted more vacation in 2016, as compared to Anglophones at 52 per cent and Francophones at 39 per cent. Fifty per cent of Spanish speakers also hoped to increase their travel budget for the coming year.

French speakers came out on top on the subject of far-away travel, with 65 per cent hoping to take time off abroad as opposed to 50 per cent for English and Spanish speakers.

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