The entire country of Sweden is listed on Airbnb

In an effort to boost tourism, Sweden is appealing to the Airbnb generation of travellers in an unusual way: by listing their entire country as available for stay.

Sweden is trying to educate and interest travellers in their concept of "Allemansr├Ątten," otherwise known as "the freedom to roam."

Basically, Swedish law states that all people have the right to be free on their land.

That means free to camp, to hike, and explore, and to use natural resources at will.

As a concept, it's pretty appealing, especially when camping outdoors can frequently cost the same or more as a hostel (or Airbnb for that matter).

Sites listed include rocky beaches, deep forests, and scenic cliffs, all branded to sound like rooms for rent.

Locations profile the available "amenities" like "natural heating (May-August)" and "infinity pool."

It's all very cute.

It also provides maps and directions to the destinations, just like a normal Airbnb listing.

Reviews highlight the activities available at each location, as well as anecdotes from past visits.

All pretty enticing, but honestly, they had us at "eat berries from the ground, sleep under the stars."

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