Flight attendants share the best foods you must order on the plane

Flight attendants can have a wealth of information when it comes to travel since they are flying every other day.

Other than travel hacks or recommendations, flight attendants also know one of the best kept secrets around - which food items on their airline menu taste the best.

Chicken or fish? Peanuts or nut mix? From appetisers to mains, the cabin crew have probably tried them all since they spend most of their working hours on the plane. Thrillist.com compiled the results and here are the best foods you should choose during your next flight.

Ms Sondra Dickens, a flight attendant with United Airlines, shared that the Thai-style fillet of tilapia with shrimp is the best thing passengers can have. It is a light late evening meal that will leave you space for a snack after.

Think only the Koreans can whip up delicious bibimbap? Virgin America might beg to differ. According to Ms Mariella Guadarrama, an inflight team leader, their Korean vegetarian rice bibimbap has big, bold flavours.

Imagine this - a hot bowl of fresh vegetables marinated in ginger, garlic, red chili, lemongrass and coconut milk, served on hot steamed rice. The dish is topped with a Korean red chili BBQ sauce and a soft-poached egg - definitely a meal you would want to post on social media.

Surprised to hear such unique dish available on board? These days, menus across all classes are being constantly revamped to introduce the best tasting dishes.

This year, Singapore Airlines introduced Peranakan fare for three months on selected flights departing from Singapore as part of its SG50 celebrations.

SIA economy passengers got to savour dishes like ayam tempra (chicken with sweet and sour sauce) and Nonya fish curry, while Suites, First Class and Business Class customers had the option of enjoying nasi lemak, ayam buah keluak (chicken with black nuts), Nonya nasi padang and Hokkien mee soup.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines also introduced Michelin-quality food for its Business Class customers when they started offering four menus designed by Dutch chef Jacob Jan Boerma, who co-owns three-starred restaurant De Leest in Vaassen, Netherlands.

Business and First Class passengers are not the only ones who get to enjoy such great meals in the air.

In a list compiled by Conde Nast Traveler, they ranked the "best economy meals in the sky" - featuring the best dishes you can get.

Highlighted in the list are Cathay Pacific's Hong Kong-style Curry Chicken and Haagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert, and JetBlue's Kale Salad with quinoa, berries and cannellini beans - both bagging a spot for their creative and unique choices.

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