Four things you can do only in Mauritius

Mauritius is better known for its long sandy coastlines and marine parks. But venture inland, and you'll find that the island country has more adventures to offer.

The diversity of Mauritius's landscape has everything from rugged canyons to sugarcane plantations. Here are some must-do activities when you need a break from the beach. 

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1. Go sea karting 

If a jetski and a speedboat had a child, this would be it. The sea kart is the go-kart of the seas, but better. It's easy to manoeuvre, is stable and can sit up to two adults and one child. To top it off, there are only six sea karts in the world and they are all in Mauritius. 

2. Take a submarine ride

Mauritius is a diver's mecca. But if diving is not your thing, this submarine ride by Blue Safari is a good alternative to explore the coral reefs and fishes in the Indian Ocean. The submarine can descend to depths of 35m, deeper than any advanced diver is allowed to venture. 

3. Walk with lions in a safari

Casela, the oldest safari in Mauritius allows visitors to get up close and personal with big cats like lions, tigers and cheetahs. Not brave enough for that? You can also feed giraffes or cozy up to farm animals like goats and rabbits. When you're tired of walking around, hop on a safari bus to visit free-roaming animals like ostriches and wild peacocks. 

4. Feast on sugar

Mauritius has acres of sugarcane plantations and what better way to learn about the country's agriculture history than to visit the Sugar World Museum? Visitors can also try the musuem's speciality - a sugarcane and rum cocktail. 

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