Gotta study 'em all at Pokemon Research Exhibition

Pokemon trainers, think you know the cute critters like the back of your hand?

It's time to put on a lab coat and put your investigative skills to the test at the Pokemon Research Exhibition, which opens this Saturday (Oct 22).

The mission? To identify the pocket monster hiding in your Pokeball, by performing some hands-on research.

There are over 700 Pokemons featured in this exhibition - located within the S.E.A Aquarium in Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), so which one could yours be?

After you enter the space, you can choose a Pokeball that represents three different levels of difficulty - Pokeball (regular), Great ball (medium) or Ultra ball (hard), before collecting clues from the eight Observation Machines spread out across the 1,000 square metre 'research centre'.

AsiaOne played research scientist for a day, and guess which Pokemon was found snoozing in our Pokeball? It was our office favourite - Snorlax!

Fun for the family

We can foresee that this will definitely be a hit with the kiddos and a fun family activity during the school holidays, but hardcore Pokemon trainers may be left wanting.

It was nice to actually hold a Pokeball in our hands, and boy did we have to resist the urge to throw it at the adorable Pikachu mascot to 'capture' him.

Some stations are also more interactive than the others, requiring more effort to earn the clues.

There are no prizes for guessing the correct Pokemon, though. Bummer. 

And nope, you have to return that shiny Pokeball after you're done.

But as a consolation, you can still bring home a Pokemon plushie or two from the nearby gift shop - for a price, of course.

The Pokemon Research Exhibition at Resorts World Sentosa opens daily from 10am to 7pm and runs from Oct 22 to Jan 2 next year. Ticket bundles are available online at $35 (UP$42) for adults, $23 (UP $32) for children or seniors, and include admission to S.E.A Aquarium.