Jolt yourself awake at this pop-up zombie museum in Osaka

If 2016 feels like a nightmare with news of war, xenophobia, and diseases, brace yourself for a dystopian world in 2020.

In a hypothetical scenario four years from now, a zombie virus outbreak in California has wiped out one-tenth of the American population, before wrecking havoc globally.

As a stark reminder of the end times in this hypothetical scenario, a pop-up Zombie Museum will be opening in Osaka from July 29 to Aug 22, Japanese culture website rocketnews24 reported.

However, not all is lost. In the museum's plot, a Japanese-American scientist Dr Aoki has created a vaccine that will render the zombie virus ineffective.

Dr Aoki, who has been bitten by a zombie to prove the effectiveness of his vaccine, has even managed to post a fancy video on Youtube.

The museum also has a laboratory housing active zombies for research purposes, which will animate (or reanimate) any listless visitors looking for thrills.

The organisers of the pop-up Zombie Museum is also the brains behind the hugely successful Zombie Defence University event of 2014, which drew 30,000 visitors.

There are no signs that the zombie-mania around the world is abating. On June 28, theme park Universal Studios Hollywood in California unleashed a zombie hoard on visitors to its latest attraction, 'The Walking Dead', based on the eponymous TV series.

The pop-up Zombie Museum will open on the 14th floor of the Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store in Chuo Ward, Osaka.