Love yourself this Valentine's Day and travel solo

SINGAPORE - Come every February 14, social media will be flooded with a barrage of roses, couple #ootds and lengthy declarations of love. Of course a few brave souls will pop the question.

And then there's you. Swinging, single and ready to mingle.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it's not too late to book yourself a trip out of sunny Singapore. There's no better way to celebrate your independence than venturing out into a foreign city on your own.

After all, we learn the fastest when we are forced to make decisions on our own and for ourselves.

Here are a few good reasons compiled by ZujiĀ to show why solo travel can be the best thing ever:

1. You'll discover and gain the confidence you never knew you hadTravelling solo gives you the opportunity to think on your feet and get creative, even if it means solving little problems along the way, such as getting from one point to another as you navigate your way through a foreign place.

Be it attempting to communicate with locals who don't speak the same language, to having to tackle issues with documents and visas, every situation provides you with the chance to think outside the box - a great confidence booster with each lesson and victory.

Who knew you'd be able to do that all on your own?

2. Spend time with the best person in the world - yourselfSure, we get the occasional 'me' time every now and then, but learning to spend time with just yourself in a different city can be thoroughly rewarding and precious.

When was the last time you had the chance to sit down and truly listen to your thoughts?

Explore museums and historical sites, take in the sunrise at a beach, or go for a stroll in the park without having to entertain anyone.

Soaking in the beauty and culture on your own allows you to learn to be comfortable in your skin and confident in who you are.

3. Learn a new language

Sometimes, despite having years of experience in playing charades, hand signs are just not going to cut it when you're overseas and struggling to convey a message across.

Though it may come as a surprise, most locals admire the effort when a visitor tries to speak the local language.

By showing your eagerness to learn, they'll be happy to teach you a few words and phrases, and before you know it, you'll be able to throw a few proper sentences out there as you make your way around.

4. You get to decide what to do, and when you want it

Ever been caught in a situation where your friends wanted to do one thing and you just weren't up for it but had to make do?

Well, when you travel on your own, you're in charge so you don't have to compromise anything and can follow your own plans.

Even if you had a new spontaneous idea and wanted to change your travel plans, the only one you'd have to discuss it with would be yourself. Is there anything better than that?

5. Expand your network of friends all over the world

If you're afraid you'll get lonely on your travels, fret not, as travelling solo can be a fantastic way to meet locals and fellow travellers.

Always keep an open mind, and you'll find that you could be chatting with interesting people at a coffee haunt, or other travellers at a hostel. You can even try meeting like-minded people at the museums, library, or even by the beach. Swap travel stories and experiences along the way, and who knows?

You'll not only make a new friend, but also pick up a few nifty travel tips and must-see hidden destination gems along the way.