Luxury train presents fall and winter routes in Korea

The luxury train Haerang, run by the Korea Railroad Corporation, presents fall and winter routes that stop at places known for outstanding fall and winter sceneries.

The three-day "Aura Course," priced from 2.4 million won (S$2,871), circles around the country, stopping in Suncheon, Jinju, Tongyeong, Busan and Jeongdongjin.

Guests are taken to enjoy the panoramic view from the Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park and to be immersed in the history at Nakan Eupseong Fortress on the first day.

The train heads to the south coast, stopping by Jinju and Tongyeong on the second day. The train turns east and wraps up the travel in Jeongdongjin with a view of the sunset on the third day.

The two-day "Simile Course" tours around the western part of the country in Gunsan, Gochang, Jeonju and Gwangcheon.

Another two-day "Haeoreum Course" explores the eastern part of the country in the historical city of Gyeongju, the mountainous region Yeongwol and Jeongdongjin. The price for two-day courses starts from 1.6 million won.

For more information, visit or call 1544-7755.