Most ridiculous questions ever posed to flight attendants

Most ridiculous questions ever posed to flight attendants

"Who flies the plane when the captain is in the toilet?" This is an actual question posed by a clueless traveller to a flight attendant.

If this doesn't make you furrow your brow and go "huh?", this list of silly and ridiculous questions compiled by might just do it.

Flight attendants provide services to passengers, such as serving meals and attending to your travel needs on the plane - but taking care of your kids is not one of them.

One passenger allegedly asked if there was someone among the crew who can do magic tricks because her kids were getting bored and fidgety.

The cabin crew are beyond busy with tasks to complete before the flight takes off and after, so if you are wondering if they can entertain your little one, you can best forget about it.

Also, distances might seem minute on the map, but just because two countries are an inch apart, it does not mean they are literally a few minutes away.

One passenger requested that the pilot flying a plane to Nice in France go "a bit further down the coast" so that they could have a look at Monaco.

Sorry, hon. Doing just that might get the pilot into a lot of trouble or have him fined, not to mention put the passengers in danger.

Also, planes these days may be equipped with high-tech features and facilities but an on-board cash machine is not one of them.

To the passenger who asked for an ATM, airports usually have many cash dispensing machines available so you can get to one after disembarking.

Need a laugh? Find out what are the silliest questions posed to the cabin crew in the gallery below.


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