Most Singaporeans cannot leave home without milo

SINGAPORE - Singaporeans, how much do you love your milo?

According to a study by Spanish travel company Lowcostholidays, we simply can't do without the beverage even during trips away from home.

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The study polled 7,500 people in 29 countries around the world, asking what is the one travel essential they must take along on holidays.

Call it a taste of home if you must, because clearly, regardless of nationality, we are all in our own quirky ways, highly dependent on our comfort food.

For our neighbours in Indonesia, sambal is a must-pack while the South Koreans cannot do without kimchi. Although the study found that travellers from China will make it a point to take along instant noodles, Chinese media CCTV reported that netizens said they would rather pack chilli or pickled vegetables instead.

The Germans cannot do without Haribo sweets, while the Italians swear by their coffee. The South Africans must pack their rooibos tea while Australians will stow away a jar of vegemite in their bags.

Not everyone has a love affair with food though. Some have more practical choices.

About 32 per cent of Americans and 60 per cent of Hong Kongers said they will pack toilet paper while 30 per cent of Swiss will keep a pocket knife with them at all times.

Meanwhile 37 per cent of Russians said they will pack playing cards - handy for killing time in transit.