This 'moving hotel' hits the road with luxurious beds and Wi-Fi

Do you enjoy road trips, but hate being confined in a seat for long hours?

This "moving hotel" is definitely the perfect ride for you!

'Cabin' is a specially designed double-decker bus running to and fro San Francisco and Los Angeles, furbished with 24 beds on the upper deck, a lounge space on the lower deck and a shared bathroom.

Each sleeping pod has its own comfy mattress and comforter, reading light, electrical and USB outlet, AC vent, window and curtains for privacy.

Riders are also provided with refreshments, snacks, free Wi-Fi and service by an attendant onboard the bus.

The startup, previously named SleepBus, was co-founded by Tom Currier and Gaetano Crupi and has since garnered US$3.3 million (S$4.6mil) in investments by FF Angel, the seed fund from Founders Fund, according to Wall Street Journal.

Cabin first piloted its "moving hotel" concept as SleepBus last year (2016), which ticketed for US$45 (S$62) and sold out within three days, with 20,000 people on its waitlist.

The luxury road trip service will launch next week (July 14), with its first trip starting 11pm (PT) in downtown San Francisco.

Photo: Cabin

All trips will depart from 11pm and arrive by 7am the next morning.

While the eight-hour long journey may be lengthy compared to a 45-minutes plane ride, at least you are guaranteed a luxurious bed and you won't have to vie for an armrest in a small seat.

The trip is intentionally slowed down on longer routes for fewer road bumps and more sleep for passengers' comfort, according to a video by CNN.

Tickets can be bought online at a price of US$115 (S$159), and each passenger can bring two pieces of luggage and one carry-on bag.

Now wouldn't it be great if we have sleeping buses like this for trips to and fro Singapore and Malaysia as well?