Packing hacks to help save your luggage space

For some of us, the lunar new year signals a time for get-togethers with family and friends which inevitably means gathering around the dinner table for hot pot, exchanging pleasantries with relatives (who you only meet once a year) and for those who're married - handing out red packets.

Then there are those who prefer to head overseas for a quick trip instead of being subjected to all the questions from nosy uncles and aunties.

So, if you've booked plane tickets to dodge the upcoming CNY, here are some tips to help organise your suitcase and maximise your luggage space.

This means there will be room for all your souvenirs and purchases. Hooray!

1. Store your socks and toiletries in your shoes

Utilise the empty space within your sneakers by filling it with your rolled-up socks or even small bottles of body wash and shampoo.

To prevent them from spilling, place them into plastic bags before stuffing them into your shoes.

2. Take disposable underwear instead of you own knickers

Disposable underwear is easy to get at stores like Watsons and Guardian, and mostly come in packs of five.

Since you can throw it away after each use, there'll be more space to load up on your purchases for your return baggage.

This also means there's less dirty laundry to clear when you're back.

3. Pack your bigger toiletries neatly in a ziplock bag

Instead of throwing everything into your luggage - and risk possible leakage - fit all your beauty products in one or two transparent ziplock bags.

And since they're transparent, you can easily locate them in your suitcase.

4. Forget plastic bags. Just re-use your hotel's drawstring bags

Most hotel rooms provide disposable slippers that usually come with a shoe bag.

Instead of tossing it into the bin, why not recycle and use them to store dirty socks or shoes?

This will help to keep your luggage neat and tidy too.

5. Use your spectacle case to store wires, headphones and chargers

The thing about wires is that they are hard to organise, making it a real mess to deal with when you want to plug in your headphones or charger.

The solution: Coil them up and use your sunglass case to hold them.

This way, they'll be less likely to become entangled.

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