'Pandora - The World of Avatar' just opened and it's a visual feast

A frighteningly real Avatar animatronic you get to see while on line for Avatar Flight of Passage.
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Yesterday was a big deal for all the fans of James Cameron's Avatar.

Pandora - The World of Avatar - located in the Animal Kingdom Park in the Walt Disney World Resort - opened to guests staying at Disney resort hotels at 7am, and then to the general public an hour later.

Needless to say, people were eager to get in on the action.

The main attractions of the park are the two rides, Avatar Flight of Passage and Na'vi River Journey, and people lined up to get on them early.

Like really early.

One of the first people to enter the park said he got there at 5 a.m. He told the people cued up on line just to get into Pandora that their patience would pay off.

"The ride (Flight of Passage) is worth the wait," he assured us enthusiastically.

"It's insane!"

His friend added, "Technology, man!"

Knowing little about what the ride actually entailed, I was completely intrigued by this comment.

There was a long wait ahead of me, but luckily I had a lot to look at in the meantime.

The park is a tremendous homage to the film, incorporating beautiful and iconic scenery like the Hallelujah Mountains - the floating mountains of Pandora.

There is gorgeous plant life everywhere, and you can hear various creatures from the movie making noise in the brush, as if they're just out of sight.

The craftsmanship is unbelievable. You'd swear everything in there is completely organic.

It's difficult to tell where the real plants end and the synthetic ones begin, which is quite an accomplishment when guests have a lot of time to scrutinize everything while waiting to board a ride.

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