Places where you'll find the most Singaporeans in 2016

SINGAPORE - Singaporeans love jetting off whenever a long weekend comes up. Unsurpisingly so, considering that we have one of the shortest numbers of day offs in the world.

Whether you are the sort who appreciates bumping into a fellow countrymen abroad, or exploring the unknown tundra alone, online travel website has compiled a list of top destinations from its popular searches.

In the Asian region, Osaka scored the top-searched destination, increasing 89 per cent in popularity from 2015.

India's bustling city, Chennai, has seen an increase of 87 per cent, followed by nearby favourite tourist spot George Town with a spike of 76 per cent.

For long haul trips outside Asia, more Singaporeans are showing interest in Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia.

European cities such as London and Rome have also logged an increase in flight searches.

Ms Debby Soo, Kayak Vice President APAC said: "We are spoiled for choice when it comes to travel destinations. This research has shown that our users are becoming more adventurous in their holiday choices."

Plan your travels with this long weekend calendar: