Potterheads can rent this luxurious Hogwarts-themed apartment in Edinburgh

PHOTO: Agoda

Fans of the Harry Potter series can now stay at a luxury Hogwarts-themed apartment in Scotland.

Located in Edinburgh, the birthplace of the JK Rowlings' books, superfan Yue Gao has turned a historical property into a Potter haven.

"The house was in an absolute state when I bought it. I was astonished when I saw the state of it because it is a historic building - the stone walls are from 1700," Gao said as quoted by kompas.com.

"I didn't want to turn it into a cheap copy of the film, so it's more like a homage from a huge fan rather than the copy of the movie scene," Gao added.

With the building located in Canongate, it overlooks the Scottish capital's famous Royal Mile, a succession of streets that forms the main thoroughfare of Edinburgh's Old Town.

The master bedroom is decorated with a Gryffindor dormitory theme, complete with a four-poster king-sized bed and a ceiling featuring an illusion of floating candles.

A second, smaller double room has been decorated to look like a carriage from the Hogwarts Express. Meanwhile, the living area also takes after to the Gryffindor theme.

The apartment is available to rent all year round, costing £150 per night (S$280). It also has a fully functional kitchen, as well as entertainment sets such as digital TV's, a PS4, an Xbox One and Wifi, which means guests don't have to leave the apartment for food.

There are also some special pieces in the apartment that once belonged to J.K. Rowling, such as a desk and a mirror.

Gao took seven months to transform the property. "I put my heart into it - it's my dream realised," she said.

Edinburgh is a favourite destination for Potter fans, with a dedicated Potter trail and hotel suite in the Scottish capital.

"There is such a strong connection between Harry Potter and Edinburgh and this house is part of that," Gao said. "It's another destination for Harry Potter fans in Edinburgh."