Raja Ampat resort initiates donation programme to protect marine life

Raja Ampat
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Resort and conservation centre Misool Eco Resort in Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, announced on Thursday that it would be making a US$50 donation on behalf of each guest visiting the establishment.

All donations will go to Indonesian charity and non-profit foundation Misool Baseftin and will be used to protect the South Raja Ampat's reef system and marine life.

"Misool was founded on the principal that the reefs are our organisation's most valuable asset. This initiative is an investment in the long-term health of the reefs, and therefore long-term health of our business," said Misool Eco Resort co-founder Marit Miners in a press release, adding that their goal was to create a sustainable funding model and ensure Raja Ampat's reefs are protected.

Would you like someone to donate on your behalf to marine conservation programs? Well, starting this month, we'll do...

Posted by Misool on Thursday, 12 January 2017

The resort aims to generate $25,000 per year from the donations.

In addition to the $50 donation programme, Misool Eco Resort also invites guests to match the donation during their stay. Through the Guest Match initiative, the resort expects the programme to generate an additional $25,000 annually.

The eco-resort is currently partnering with local communities and has established a 1220-square-kilometer Marine Protected Area (MPA). As part of its conservation programme, the property also developed a manta ray research centre and launched a community recycling programme.

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