Rejuvenate at 5 wellness destinations in India

Spa by CLARINS in Goa, India
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Is the humid monsoon weather beating you down? Are you feeling down and out with work burden and the stressful city life? Don't hold back.

Gather yourself and head to a wellness retreat. This rainy time of the year is the best time to rejuvenate in a health spa.

And, the luxury wellness sector is making the most of the season and the health-concious trend. While there are old traditional centres, many more new destinations with the fusion of traditional and western and a more advanced approach to complete wellness and facilities are cropping up in many parts of the country.

While there are different types of therapy and therapy centres in cities, a trip to better known wellness destination can revitalise you completely. It can heal you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A visit to some of them are quite expensive, but it often is worth all the time and money you spent on it.

"I was suffering from severe backache. Doctors said I suffered from spinal injury and I had to undergo surgery. The surgery would amount to more than Rs.2 lakhs," Tabitha, a patient in Assam said, adding, "But I got treated from a health spa in Kerala and my back is healed and I feel totally rejuvenated".

Most times, alternative treatment or therapy helps. And sometimes, instead of spending exorbitant money in medical expenses, it is always wise to visit a health spa more often. The healing effect of spending time at a wellness retreat in the hands of trained therapists and experts can be wholesome.

It provides both physical and spiritual healing. Realising the worth of it, more and more people are opting for wellness vacations. In fact, it is becoming a travelling trend.

Some of the more popular well destinations in India are:

Goa: With good monsoon every year and being a popular tourist destination, Goa is one of the best wellness destinations in India.

Many of the hotels and resorts there have holistic health clinic kind of spas where you can enjoy the latest approach to de-stress and good health. The beautiful landscape of the place, all that sand and sea and lush greens during rainy season makes it an idyllic wellness destination.

Kerala: Completely drenched and green during the monsoon months, Kerala boasts of its traditional natural healing approach and its therapeutic success, and the many wellness resorts set in splendid locations. The cost of stay and treatment in remote locations with complete amenities are reasonable and worth the while.

Bangalore: With fine, cool weather through most parts of the year, this capital city in Karnataka has varied lifestyles to offer. It is always catching up with the latest in the market. Hence, it has not lacked behind when it comes to health and healing too. It has some of the best world-class luxury health spas and retreat you would want to come back to.

Himachal Pradesh: Head to Shimla and Kalka if you are looking for ayurvedic treatment in a a wonderful getaway. It houses some of the better known ayurvedic wellness centres set amidst mesmerising scenic beauty.

The Himalayas: If you had enough of down south trips and looking for a higher and deeper wellness experience, go to the beautiful resorts up in the high mountains with awe inspiring view of the world around you and beneath you.

The therapists here are well trained in different spa techniques, including yoga and Thai practices. It is the perfect place for deep meditation too. Apart from it all, enjoy the absolute bliss and tranquillity of the place.

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