Relive 2016's films at these movie locations

PHOTO: Pixabay

The final credits may have rolled, but as all good films go - the story lives on in the mind of moviegoers. This is particularly true for film tourism, where the destinations of the movie play a starring role.

Travel search website Wego looks at the new destinations that starred in some of this year's most popular film releases.

Here are 10 places, and specific movie locations, that took centre stage in 2016:

Doctor Strange, Nepal

The gold-tipped stupa of Swayambhunath, Kathmandu set the backdrop for the mythical magic of Doctor Strange.Photo: Wego

With twists of moral crusades and Eastern mysticism, the big action takes place in the Kathmandu Valley with the bustling commercial hub of Thamel and the gold-tipped stupas of Swayambhunath as a backdrop.

The Unesco-attested Pashupatinath Temple also featured heavily.

The film's star, Benedict Cumberbatch, spoke of how filming on location in Nepal provided him with a detail he wouldn't otherwise have been able to achieve, shifting his mindset into the world of the mystical and strange.

The Revenant, Canada

The Revenant comes alive among the peaks of Kananaskis Country which is part of the Canadian Rockies, near Calgary.Photo: Wego

The visceral and raw western, frontier vibe come alive amongst the peaks of Kananaskis Country which is part of the Canadian Rockies, near Calgary.

Other scenes were shot at the Indian reserve at Stoney Nation and the Fortress Mountain Resort, just down the road from the beautiful Banff ski resorts.

Global warming was cited as a reason for the completion of the film shoot moving south to the ice fields of Argentina.

Although, most people might remember this movie as the one that finally gave Leonardo DiCaprio that darn Oscar.

The Legend of Tarzan, Gabon

Despite being an arduous watch, the 2016 remake The Legend Of Tarzan featured a six-week filming session in Gabon, Central Africa. Photo: Wego

Not quite as wild as viewers might expect, the 2016 remake was shot mainly at the Warner Bros.

Studios in Hertfordshire, England. A huge 30.48m collapsible pier and a working, tropical waterfall were created in the sound stages; however, a six week session of filming did take place in Gabon in Central Africa.

For those inspired to seek out the real jungle experience visit the wilds of the Minkebe National Park to see gorillas and mountain elephants in some of the last remaining virgin rainforest in this part of Africa.

Hell or High Water, New Mexico

Scenic shots of Hell or High Water were filmed in the Alamogordo Valley, New Mexico.  Photo: Wego

An acclaimed, modern-day western that premiered at this year's Cannes Film Festival, the film was set in West Texas but largely filmed in New Mexico.

Scenic shots were filmed in the Alamogordo Valley, where the shifting dunes of the White Sands National Monument meet the cacti-spotted cottonwoods and plains of the Rio Grande rift.

Other scenes were in Guadalupe County and the state's other more rustic locations - many of which retain the feel and atmosphere of the old west.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople, New Zealand

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is filmed mostly in the Waitakere Ranges near Auckland, New Zealand. Photo: Wego

We know the beauty of New Zealand well as the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings films, and in this film local director Taika Waititi does its natural beauty great justice.

Filmed mostly in the North Island Volcanic Plateau and the Waitakere Ranges near Auckland.

The Plateau is where you'll find the gushing geysers and mud pools of the Taupo Volcanic Zone and the outdoorsy town of Rotorua, with the Hobbiton movie set close by.

Waitakere Ranges are lined with majestic black sand beaches and famed surfing spots, Te Henga and Piha.

Its hills are also the location of the 77km Hillary Trail, named in honour of Edmund Hillary; the first man (and New Zealander) to climb Mt Everest.

Westworld, Utah

The rugged Fisher Tower is a must-see at Fisher Valley. Photo: Wego

The backcountry featured in this sci-fi western includes the breathtaking vistas of the quintessential American west - hoodoos, canyons and red-hued tabletop mountains.

Most notable locations are Fisher Valley and Castle Valley, north-east of Moab.

The first is famed for the rugged Fisher Tower - tall pillars of rock that look a little like creatures and strange objects.

Castle Valley is known for its ribbed, rock bluffs and red, rocky mountains that resemble giant natural castles.

Manchester by the Sea, New England

Well known for its witching history, Salem is also the backdrop for the drama film Manchester by the Sea.Photo: Wego

With the somewhat haunting atmosphere of New England, filming was undertaken in the towns of Gloucester and Salem.

It's a historical area and Gloucester exudes an authentic artsy vibe and is filled with galleries.

On the town's outskirts is the awesome Hammond Castle.

Salem is well known thanks to its witching history, and was also the setting for Arthur Miller's play The Crucible.

It is also home to the timber House of the Seven Gables made famous by Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel of the same name.

You can take tours related to witchcraft and visit the Pioneer Village deep in the woods - America's first living museum that recreates the life of Puritans and the first English settlers on the coast.

Rams, Iceland

The breathtaking Goafoss in Iceland is part of the landscape in the movie Rams. Photo: Wego

With an already elevated profile thanks to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty which featured Iceland's stunning countryside, Rams was filmed on location in the remote northern valley of Bárðardalur.

Mother nature is harsh and beautiful in this quiet, rural region - visit the breathtaking Goðafoss, a 12m dramatic waterfall and watch the awesome Northern Lights dance across the sky.

Eyjafjördur Fjord carves its way inland from the sea, and the coastal city of Akureyri is filled with cosy cafes and seafood eateries.

Love & Friendship, Dublin

Fingal was the backdrop for the film Love & Friendship. Photo: Wego

Filmed just outside of Dublin, Donabate, a small coastal town in Fingal was the backdrop for this 18th century romance, with its hearty country pubs and stunning cliff walks.

Newbridge Estate was the primary filming location with its Georgian architecture, regal gardens and the ancestral home of the Cobbe family.

It's also where the famed Cobbe portrait of Shakespeare was found - said to be the last remaining image of the bard.

La La Land, Los Angeles

Check out the Griffith Observatory when you check into Los Angeles, the filming location of the musical La La Land.Photo: Wego

Possibly one of the most location-filled films on the list, La La Land featured a whopping 60 individual filming locations to breathe a real sense of authenticity into the movie.

The reasonably far-flung reaches of the Hollywood Hills and Santa Monica Mountains were included which ensures a good view of the famed Hollywood sign.

Cultural centre Pasadena and the striking Colorado Street Bridge also feature.

The urban ruggedness of Angels Flight, a disused funicular railway in Bunker Hill provides some contrast, and there's a metaphor-loaded moment when Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (the film's leads) ascend to the stars, which was suitably filmed at Griffith Observatory.