Seoul's rooftops to turn into concert hall, yoga studio and library

PHOTO: The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

Seoul is turning the rooftops of five public buildings into venues for jazz concerts, yoga classes and other outdoor activities, as part of the first rooftop festival.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said Wednesday that the ticketed event will run until Oct. 28, offering a chance for citizens to enjoy the nice autumn weather on the open-air roof that is mostly closed due to safety concerns.

Five buildings, which will open its rooftop to the public, include Seoul Metropolitan Library and Seoul Museum of Art in Jung-gu, Eunpyeong Sharing Center in Eunpyeong-gu, Sewoon Plaza in Jongno-gu and Seoul Startup Hub in Mapo-gu.

Seoul City said the rooftop festival will provide some relaxation and a new kind of fun by making the best use of the otherwise dead space inside the concrete jungle.

"We plan to come up with more creative programs for citizens from various age groups and backgrounds such as office workers, teenagers, young entrepreneurs, foreigners so they can continue to experience cultural networking through our events," said Seoul City official Ma Chae-sook, who is in charge of the rooftop festival.

The city government said nine companies from various sectors contributed to planning a total of 16 events for the rooftop festival such as a yoga class, book concert, art exhibition, film screening, flea market, comic book library, roller-skating and more.

For more information on the detailed schedule of the events, visit Ticket prices vary from 5,000 (S$6) to 15,000 won (S$18).

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