Surprise! Eiffel Tower, Florida's Disney World among world's filthiest attractions

There are hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the world's most popular destinations every year.

But according to cleaning service, these attractions, which include Disney World in Florida and the Rat Cafe in London could also be the most germ-ridden places on earth.

The Szechenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest have tourists constantly crowding inside a pool in their bathing suits. There is little wonder why this place could be rather unhygienic.

At the Louvre Museum in Paris, the litter left by tourists has witnessed rat infestations. According to the Daily Mail, these rodents have been known to scatter around the museum in the day too. Health hazard alert!

The Ganges River in India is ranked as the most polluted river. This is so bad that a quick paddle in the water might put you at risk of waterborne diseases or illnesses, the infographic claimed.

Surprisingly, even the most romantic places on earth are not exempted. According to the Daily Mail, the multitude of tourists using the handrails to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is possibly a breeding ground for germs.

That's not all! To see which other filthy places are named in the list, click on the gallery below.