Take your pick of local Chinese food

When in a foreign country, the natural instinct of many travellers is to do what the locals do. With that in mind, do visit dimsum restaurant Lung Wah Teahouse when in Macau, recently listed as one of the top 10 regions to visit this year by Lonely Planet.

The 52-year-old family business is up a narrow flight of stairs, in the street just across from Macau's well-known, three-storey Red Market.

Step in and you'll understand why it's called a "traditional" dimsum place by many.

There are no carts serving dimsum, nor slips of paper with dishes you can tick to place an order. While there are staff members in the restaurant, they won't drop by your table to take orders.

Instead, menus handwritten in traditional Chinese can be found under your glass tabletop.

The dimsum is placed in containers on a table, which customers can take back to their tables. There are favourites such as char siew buns, beef ribs and siew mai.

Some dishes are not even on the menu, so patrons are encouraged to ask any of the staff members to place an order.

The restaurant is operated by fourth-generation owner Ho Meng Tak, 59, who helped out at the eatery since he was young.

Simple as the restaurant is, it still attracts locals and tourists alike. When you are done with your meal, raise your hand and Mr Ho will come by your table to count the number of dishes you ordered, before heading back to his abacus to calculate the bill.

For other local delights, head to Zheng Ge Mei Shi for a hotpot dinner, where you can have steamboat with interesting soup flavours: choose from a pepper, Japanese, curry or beef base.

To go with the hotpots, there is an assortment of vegetable and meat ingredients, including favourites such as fried fish and prawn wontons.

The Macau Government Tourist Office also recommends Kapok Cantonese Restaurant - popular dishes include its crispy roasted pork, and stir-fried scallops with egg and bean sprouts - and Seng Cheong Restaurant, which is famed for its crabmeat congee.

With so many dishes to try, good planning will go a long way towards satisfying your craving for local Chinese food in Macau.


LUNG WAH TEAHOUSE Address: 3 Rua Norte do Mercado Aim-Lacerda

Phone: +853-2857-4456

ZHENG GE MEI SHI Address: Rua do Padre Antonio, No 37A, Edf. Fok Chao, R/C

Phone: +853-2889-9899

KAPOK CANTONESE RESTAURANT Address: 60 Rua de Hong Chau, Hoi Yee Garden, Taipa Island

Phone: +853-2883-3333

SENG CHEONG RESTAURANT Address: 28-30 Rua do Cunha, Vila de Taipa

Phone: +853-2882-5323/7589

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