The Traveller's Table: Meet a real Berliner

BERLIN - When people think of German bread, they often think of brown bread.

However, bakeries and cafes serve a variety of baked goods.

Among them, a fried bread with a jam filling called pfannkuchen in Berlin and Berliner in other regions is a great choice.

Pfannkuchen means pancake in German.

After deep-frying pastry about 10 centimeters in diameter, it is filled with jam.

The pancake used to be prepared for winter festivals. Cafe Lebensart, located at Unter den Linden in the centre of Berlin, makes such fried treats at the store and sells six kinds of them.

One pfannkuchen to go is about €1.50 (about ¥200, S$3).

The sweet and sour jam, and the moist bread make a good combination.

“[The item is] popular both for lunch and a snack,” Sabric Bosnic, 35, the cafe’s waitress, said with a smile.