Two faces of Chinese tourists

The National Day holiday saw both good and bad incidents:

BAD: Tourist broke another country's laws

Hou Geshun, a tourist from Heilongjiang province, burned Vietnamese money at a bar in the Vietnamese city of Da Nang, which is illegal.

Hou was kicked out of the country and was listed as an uncivilized tourist by the China National Tourism Administration.

The record will not expire until October 2019.

GOOD: Tour guide donated rare blood

Officials of Thailand met Yang Li, a tour guide from Jiangsu province, in Bangkok on Wednesday to praise her for donating blood, which saved a life.

On Sept 22, Yang learned from friends on WeChat that a Chinese tourist whose blood type was AB negative - a rare type that occurs in only 0.1 per cent of Asians - had been injured while travelling on Phuket Island.

The tourist was badly in need of blood.

Yang flew to Phuket on Sept 24 and donated 450 milliliters of blood.

BAD: A tourist assaulted a guide and another tourist

Lu Shan, a tourist from Beijing, accompanied a tour group to Yunnan province during the holiday.

In Tengchong, Lu had a dispute with the tour guide, surnamed Yang. Lu assaulted Yang and bit another tourist who stepped in to mediate.

Lu was detained for three days and has been listed on the uncivilized tourist blacklist until October 2018.

GOOD: Tourist helped avoid danger

Chen Xiaoping, a 62-year-old resident of Shanghai, joined a tour to the Tibet autonomous region.

On Oct 1, the group encountered a serious traffic jam, which followed a landslide and traffic accidents in Nyingchi.

Traffic blocked the way ahead, and some members of the tour group became impatient and wanted to leave their vehicle to climb over a mountain.

Chen dissuaded them, thereby avoiding hazards they may have faced.