'Unhappiest' Singaporeans win free trip to Fiji

Two "unhappy" Singaporeans will soon be finding joy in the island paradise of Fiji.

They are the winners of a nationwide search for the most stressed out and overworked people in Singapore launched by Fiji Airways and Tourism Fiji last month.

The two-week-long social media contest attracted nearly 900 participants hoping to win a trip for two to Fiji, which has been dubbed one of the happiest countries in the world.

Two of the best stories were picked, and one of them belonged to single parent Sharon Peters.

She was nominated by her only child, Nash Vinn, 22, who wrote: "She hasn't had the time for a break in over 20 years. Every moment is spent focusing on her family and providing them with everything they want, with no thought for her own pleasure. I think it's long overdue that she got some time to relax, unwind."

Ms Peters, who is in her 40s, told AsiaOne that she has never travelled further than Batam, and that this is the first "real" family holiday she will be going on.

The other person who will also get to chill in Fiji is architect Ng Pei Yun.

Architect Ng Pei Yun (centre) was nominated by her friend. Photo: AsiaOne

The 31-year-old was nominated by her university mate Lin Xinying, who said that Ms Ng used to be bubbly, outgoing and thirsty for travel.

But now, she is "totally overworked", Ms Lin wrote, adding that the old Ms Ng is missed by their group of friends.

Each of the winners will be receiving a pair of tickets to the idyllic island destination.

Those who didn't win can still immerse in the sights and sounds of Fiji via a 4D virtual reality experience in Millenia Walk.

Called the Fijian Virtual Rehab, the pop-up exhibition is open to the public for free, from now till Sept 23.