Want to stay at this charming Japanese inn? Post a letter to book a room

Want to stay at this charming Japanese inn? Post a letter to book a room

Call it a nostalgic throwback or a truly authentic traditional experience.

Tucked away in Noda Village, a countryside in Iwate Prefecture in Japan, is a 150-year-old tatched house named Tomaya Inn.

The house was converted into an ryokan, or traditional Japanese guesthouse, 20 years ago.

Pictures posted by guests online reveal a rustic dwelling, complete with a fireplace where coffee is brewed. The inn has a grand total of three rooms, a cafe and no forms of electrical correspondence.


You read that right.

With no telephone or access to the Internet, the inn is only connected to the outside world via snail mail.

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Travellers who want to make a booking, can only do so by writing a letter or a postcard to the inn. Any cancellations must also be done through post.

Owners of the inn, Mr and Mrs Mitsuru Sakamoto, said in a video interview that they wish to preserve this traditional form of communication because it presents a personal touch.


Travellers may lose their way while searching for the inn, but that's the whole point.

The owners added that guests are encouraged to interact with the locals to find their destination - a smart move for an inn bent on promoting cultural immersion.

Fun fact though: The village only comprises 15 houses, so the inn wouldn't be hard to find.

Its remote location hasn't stopped adventurous visitors from all over the world. To date, guests from Germany, India, Mongolia, Philippines and New Zealand have ventured across both land and  language barrier to stay at the inn.

Mrs Sakamoto also serves up delicious dishes sourced from the couple's own edible garden. With no preservatives or chemicals used in the gardening process, guests are treated to fresh, healthy produce.

Unlike the rooms, no bookings are required for travellers who just want to stop by the cafe for a drink or a meal.

Tomaya Inn

*Cost per night per person

Nov to April: 6,500 yen (S$80)

May to Oct: 6,000 yen

Closed: End of Dec to end of Feb

To book, send a letter to: 〒028-8201 岩手県九戸郡野田村大字野田5-22


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