Why Keraton at the Plaza is the perfect hotel for an all-girls' trip

Why Keraton at the Plaza is the perfect hotel for an all-girls' trip

Planning a girlie getaway? Instead of Bangkok or Hong Kong, why not visit Jakarta instead?

There's something special about female friendships. I don't have a sister, but if I had one, I'd imagine our relationship would be similar to what I share with the Material World team.


We spend inordinate amounts of time together; we squabble and then we make up; we've seen each other at our best (and our worst), and we pretty much know what makes each other tick.

This is probably why we travel well together as well - we understand each other's "groove" well enough to know when to give the other space, and when to drag someone's lazy a** out to explore the sights.

Deborah, Lili and I were recently in Jakarta for a weekend, and we had the honour of staying at the gorgeous Keraton at the Plaza. Truly, it's one of the most beautiful hotels I've stayed in. And it's perfect for that girlie getaway too! Here's why:

It's surrounded by some of the best shopping in Jakarta.

You can't get any more centrally-located than Keraton at the Plaza.

Photo: Keraton at the Plaza

It it directly connected to Plaza Indonesia (Jakarta's most luxurious shopping mall), which is home to a wide selection of high-end brands. Also located within walking distance from our hotel is Grand Indonesia, a sprawling shopping complex.

We visited Grand Indonesia on one of the evenings and were amazed at the sheer number of shops, restaurants, and cafes spread out across many levels. The artisanal coffee culture seems to be thriving in Jakarta - we spotted at least three hipster-chic cafes within the mall itself!

The suites are perfect for those late-night HTHTs.

Photo: Material World

When I first stepped into my suite, I couldn't help myself. I let out a huge, "Wow!" It is a sprawling room with floor-to-ceiling windows, and a bathroom that is probably larger than my bedroom in Singapore. The highlight for me was definitely the standalone bathtub. (Confession: A big part of my trip was spent soaking in that lovely tub. #Truth)

Photo: Material World

Each of the suites in Keraton have been decorated in a different style, inspired by the four major islands in Indonesia - Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

Although each suite comes with sumptuous modern fittings, you also get that "homey" feel with little touches like a potted orchid on the writing desk or a platter of Indonesian kueh-kueh on the coffee table. Although Deborah, Lili and I had a suite each (complete with butler service!), I can totally imagine a group of girlfriends curled up on the bed with champagne, ice cream, and a slice of gossip.

You'll be privy to the luxurious Keraton Spa.

Photo: Material World

What's a girlie getaway without a trip to the spa, right? Located on the sixth floor of the hotel, the spa spreads out across 1,600 square metres and includes a Jacuzzi and sauna facilities.

The spa menu includes massage and facial treatments, all carefully designed to reflect ancient Indonesian traditions. We each had a 60-minute massage, which was so divinely relaxing that after the massage, all of us immediately scampered off to our rooms for a quick snooze before heading out for dinner. (Life is good, huh.)

Oh, and a 24-hour fitness centre!

For all you gym bunnies who need to clock in your daily workouts, you'll be pleased to know that the hotel has a fitness centre, which comes well-equipped with treadmills, strength training machines, and free weights.

You can also book an appointment with their in-house personal trainer. For those who prefer to swim, there is also an indoor swimming pool adjacent to the gym area.

We were glad there were fitness facilities because we certainly indulged in plenty of good food while we were at the Keraton. You would too, if you were us! Why?

Afternoon tea is not just afternoon tea here. You get a Godiva afternoon tea set.

Photo: Material World

If you prefer to avoid Jakarta's infamous traffic jams and relax indoors instead (highly recommended), you can't go wrong with the Godiva Chocolate High Tea, served daily at the Keraton Lounge.

Each set for two comes with three tiers of yummy Godiva Chocolate-infused creations, a selection of savoury bites, and your choice of loose leaf teas or specialty coffees. Trust me, the Keraton Lounge is so chic and so comfortable, you'll want to linger long after the last chocolate truffle has been popped into your mouth.

And, don't forget about the Alcohol Brunch!

Photo: Material World

Okay, the actual name of this brunch is the Royal Weekend Indulgence but with free flow champagne, wine, and cocktails … it may very well be re-named the Alcohol Brunch!

Held every Saturday and Sunday, this is your chance to pig out on a mind-boggling array of fresh seafood (oysters, Alaskan King Crabs, lobsters, jumbo prawns), caviar, Kobe beef, and of course, alcohol. Be sure to try quirky cocktails like the Cendol, which really tastes like the dessert but with a hint of alcohol.

Before you book your trip to Jakarta, read Lili's post on Do's and Don'ts here. But a definite Do? DO stay at Keraton at the Plaza! It will undoubtedly be the best part of your trip.

For more information, visit Keraton at the Plaza's website here.

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