World's largest underwater hotel to be built in Dubai

World's largest underwater hotel to be built in Dubai

DUBAI - Plans are underway by Deep Ocean Technology to build the world's largest underwater hotel.

The Water Discus will comprise two main discs separated by a lift shaft.

This will enable guests to enjoy the depths of the ocean while taking in the warm climate of the Persian Gulf.

The disc above water will house a pool, a bar and a helipad, while the one underwater one will have 21 luxury suites and a diving centre.

The wide shaft in the spaceship-like structure will have a view of the sky to minimise the feeling of claustrophobia that guests may encounter.

View of marine life

The suites allow guests to enjoy the view of marine life.

For stability, the hotel will have sturdy legs fixed to the seabed.

During an emergency, the underwater disc will float to the surface to allow for evacuation.

In addition, the above-water disc has positive buoyancy and can act like a life-saving craft.

An array of watersports such as diving, submersible piloting and underwater scooter-riding will be offered by this underwater hotel.

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