World's most beautiful sound found

KUALA LUMPUR - A recording of natura­l sounds including frogs, birds and insects from Kubah National Park in Kuching, Sarawak, was judged to be "the most beautiful sound in the world" by US-based lifestyle website BeautifulNow (

The winner was announced recently on the website, as well as the music-sharing website, after a month-long search for the world's most beautiful sounds.

The announcement was picked up by other lifestyle and nature websites before Malaysian netizens began sharing the news on social media earlier this week.

Australian photographer and sound recordist Marc Anderson submitted the recording, titled "Dusk By The Frog Pond", under the moniker Wild Ambience. Listeners voted it to the top spot from among a dozen finalists and over 100 entries.

Julian Treasure, who is chairman of The Sound Agency, a branding company whose clients include Harrod's, Honda and Nokia, created the competition.

In an audio interview posted on the website, Treasure said Anderson's recording was "the most amazing, rich recording of just life - teeming life" and stated that was the reason voters chose it.

The full version of the recording and two interviews with Anderson can be heard online at