Worldwide sakura season guide: Who says you can only see it in Japan?

Most people associate the ephemeral Spring time beauty of the cherry blossom with Japan, but did you know that the tree originated in the Himalayas? However, you don't have to be in Japan to enjoy sakura season. Skyscanner has conjured up a list of the world's best spots to be in awe of these dainty, delicate and awe-inspiring flowers.

1. National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington D.C. (USA)

The blooming cherry blossom trees symbolise the arrival of spring

The world-famous National Cherry Blossom Festival of Washington D.C. features more than 3,000 blossoms and serves as a backdrop for a citywide festival of cultural events and exhibitions. The festival will be held from March 20 to April 17 in 2016 and celebrates the enduring friendship between the people of the United States and Japan. It goes on for three weeks and there is definitely something for everyone as it showcases art exhibitions, cuisine and sports. There are several ways to enjoy the flowers such as paddle boating, bike tours, walking tours, and of course, cruises.

When: March 20 to April 17, 2016

Website: here

2. Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, Vancouver (Canada)

There are 40,000 cherry trees in Vancouver City

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual celebration to mark the beginning of spring (as rainy season fades) and to celebrate the beauty of these flowers. There is no doubt the 40,000 cherry trees in Vancouver city can cheer anyone up with their bursting white and pink blooms. The month-long festival introduces a huge variety of events from bike rides to art classes. The festival is typically between March and April.

When: March 21 to April 17, 2016

Website: here

3. Aoyama Cemetery, Tokyo (Japan)

Aoyama Cemetery has a street lined with several hundred sakura trees.

Photo: Sen Nokou/ Flickr

Aoyama Cemetery in Tokyo, home to some giant names from Japanese history, has a street lined with several hundred sakura trees. This avenue offers a spectacular tunnel of cherry blossoms in April where people can enjoy lunch and even night-time "hanami" flower-viewing in the cemetery.

It might be weird to have a picnic among the graves but it does get pretty crowded during cherry blossom season and it could cheer anyone up, perhaps even the dearly departed.

When: Early April

4. Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland (Oregon, USA)

A park along the Willamette River with a hundred cherry trees.

Photo: Victor von Salza/ Flickr

Portland, one of America's greenest cities bursts into a massive bouquet of pink every Spring, which is some time in March or April. Its epicenter is Tom McCall Waterfront Park, located next to the Willamette River in downtown Portland, where a hundred cherry trees were planted to commemorate the history of those people that were forced into internment camps during the Second World War. The park is adjacent to Portland hotspots like Voodoo Donut, Stumptown Coffee, the Farmer's Market and many other attractions in Old Town, making it a convenient stop on any itinerary.

When: Around April

5. Chidorigafuchi Imperial Palace Moat, Tokyo ( Japan)

Individual boats can be rented to enjoy the sakura

Chidorigafuchi is the North-Eastern moat of the Imperial Palace. It is one of the most famous cherry-blossom viewing spots in Japan. Individual boats can be rented to enjoy the snow-white blossoms in spring. You will have a great view of the moat and stone walls of the Imperial Palace.

Many people come from all over Japan in late March or early April to see the sakura here, including of course the emperor himself.

When: Early April

6. Copenhagen Sakura Festival, Copenhagen (Denmark)

The Danish Honorary Consul of Hiroshima gave Copenhagen 200 flowering sakura trees.

Photo: Jon Rocatis/ Flickr

The Danish Honorary Consul of Hiroshima gave Copenhagen 200 flowering cherry trees to celebrate the bicentennial of Hans Christian Andersen.

It is a two-day festival that takes place in Langelinie Park, which is also famed for the Little Mermaid statue. Because the trees are still quite young, the blooms get more and more spectacular each year. In this festival, you can find martial arts demonstrations, tea ceremonies, a flea market and much more. This year, the festival will be held on 30 April and 1 May 2016.

When: 30 April and 1 May, 2016

Website: here

7. Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, Jinhae (South Korea)

This is the largest cherry blossom festival in South Korea.

Photo: Channa Indica/ Flickr

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival is the largest cherry blossom festival in South Korea. It draws millions of people each year. It is a ten-day festival where visitors flock to see not only the endless streets of cherry blossom trees but also street performers, carnival stalls, lights and military parades. This year, it will be held in March. This festival honours a naval hero by the name of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin who held back the Japanese invasion of the peninsula more than 400 years ago. The white blooms give the seaside town an ethereal ambiance during its peak.

When: March

Website: here

8. Botanical Garden of Curitiba, Curitiba (Brazil)

Samba, football & sakura - Viva Brazil!

Lying southwest of Sao Paolo, the city of Curitiba (Brazil), is home to the Botanical Gardens of Curitiba and the largest collection of sakura trees in South America. Drink up with local Brazilians of Japanese descent, and then head down to the beach for some surf, football and samba. The cherry blossom trees bloom some time in July.

When: Around July

9. Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival, Shanghai (China)

Shanghai's urban oasis of Gucun Park spreads out over 180 hectares and is home to 10,000 sakura trees. It's a great place to take a break from your busy city trip and absorb the ambience of the Shanghai spring. As an added bonus, it's a quick subway ride from all of Shanghai's other attractions, making it a great spot for tourists and locals alike. This year, you should be able to check out the beautiful blooms in April.

When: Around April

Website: here

10. Cherry blossom season in Bonn, Germany

Every spring around April, the staid streets of the former capital of West Germany undergo a startling transformation, when the blooming sakura trees turn ordinary avenues into phantasmagoric tunnels roofed with pink flowers. While the city may not have the cultural cache of, say, Berlin, the sakura tunnels of Bonn are a sight to behold.

When: Around April

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