The traveller's table: British pride in famous specialty's name

Beef Wellington, a tender filet steak coated with a mixture of chopped mushrooms and chicken liver paste.

LONDON - Though Britain is generally not considered prominent in the gastronomic world, some British dishes do have a strong presence. Beef Wellington is the most famous of them.

The dish is a filet steak coated with a mixture of chopped mushrooms, pate of foie gras and other ingredients and then wrapped in piecrust and baked.

I sampled Beef Wellington at The Penny Black Restaurant & Bar, which specializes in British cuisine and is located in a high-class residential area of London.

The aromatic combination of beef and mushrooms, together with the crunchy piecrust, spread in my palate.

The restaurant uses chicken liver paste instead of foie gras pate to further bring out the flavor of the beef.

The dish is priced at £26 (S$54).

It is said that the dish's name originated from the Duke of Wellington, who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte's forces in the 19th century.

The naming tickles the pride of Britons, which might be one of reasons for its popularity.