The traveller's table: An essential cheese for Swiss cuisine

MORGES, Switzerland - Gruyere, a hard but flavourful and nutritious cheese is indispensable in Swiss cuisine and goes well with white wine.

A cheese specialty shop, run by Jacques-Alain Dufaux in a village on the bank of Lake Leman, is respected for its selection of the best Gruyere cheese, ranging from mild to strong salty ones.

Dufaux said even when made by the same producer, the quality of cheese differs each time. This is because the taste of cheese is affected by little differences in weather and other factors.

Dufaux, 54, said he carefully selects cheese by visiting markets and producers himself and chooses cheese with his eyes, nose and by taste.

The price of the cheese at his shop is around 3 Swiss francs (S$4.60) per 100 grams.

His clients include luxury restaurants and hotels. Dufaux is trusted by chefs who believe they can confidently use the cheese he chooses.