Try spotting the worm inside this bowl of noodles

Stomp contributor Clara was shocked to find a caterpillar in her bowl of noodles purchased from a food stall in her school.

In her report, Stomp contributor Clara wrote:

"Tried the "Yi-Mian" for the first time from this Ban Mian stall in my school.

"After getting back to my seat, i was shocked to see a wild caterpillar at the side of the noddles, which ruined my my appetite.

"I returned to the stall and asked the auntie what is it inside my bowl.

"I told the staff member there: 'Auntie, I think you need to check if there is a worm in my bowl of noodles', to which she replied: 'It's the veggie's flower la, where got worm?'

"I asked for a refund and not a replacement, which I was given though she was unhappy with me.

"It's going to be the first and last time I'm going to visit that stall.

"I urge everyone to check their food before eating, no matter how hungry you may be."

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