Turkeys to spice up your festive feast

When the holidays roll around, there is always a turkey at every party. If you're looking to impress your guests this season, try an Asian spin on the traditional turkey. Here are some suggestions.

Thanying restaurant, Amara Hotel

Thai roast turkey ($148, 4-6kg)

This turkey comes with chef's special sauce and one other sauce. Choose from thick red curry, thick green curry, thick Panang curry, and basil and chilli sauce. Additonal sauces can be purchased at $18 per unit. 

The dark meat was juicy, with a delicate, aromatic skin. The chef's sauce was rich and spicy, but those who want more of a kick should go for the basil and chilli sauce.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Festive Baked Turkey with Angelica Root ($165++, approx. 5 kg)

The turkey was served with roasted sunchoke, which was herby and woody, but the delicate turkey flavour made it delicious since the meat was tender. 

Hotel Fort Canning

Laksa Roast Turkey ($128++, 4.5k-5.5kg)

With the slight sour and spicy taste of the sauce, and the subtle aroma of lemongrass, the dish had an interesting twist. The sauce was flavourful, yet mildly spicy. Skin was crispy but a little chewy.

Intercontinental Singapore

Signature Turkey “Panggang” ($135++ for 5kg, pre-roasted)

Appreciate the subtle spice that was present in both the crispy skin and the meat. This tastes best when soaked with the accompanying panggang sauce, which makes up for the mild dryness.