Umno leaders: 24-hour eateries cause social problems

The 24-hour restaurants in Malaysia are the cause of "social problems", says an Umno Member of Parliament. Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki caused a stir yesterday when he tweeted that he has raised in the Malaysian Parliament the need to review the government's policy on such restaurants, Malay Mail reported.

He is also the head of Muslim missionary group Islamic Da'wah Foundation Malaysia.

"None of (the) developed countries allow (such) 24hrs operation (sic) based on many studies made on the subject matter," he added later, in reply to a Twitter user.

The user had asked Dr Asyraf to clarify what sort of social problems he was referring to, and the effect that decision would have on late night-shift workers who require food at irregular hours.

Dr Asyraf has yet to explain his argument that such outlets could be the cause of social problems.

But some of his supporters felt the review should have been carried out long ago.

Said a Twitter user: "Agree! Entertainment until the morning lulls the youths and affects productivity. Be strict!"

This article was first published on June 26 2015.
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