United could finish empty-handed

1) Will Manchester United win anything this season, or at least finish in the top four?

It can be a season without trophy, but even (Sir Alex) Ferguson had one or two seasons without winning anything. The top-four position depends on the next transfer market.

2) Is David Moyes the right man for the job?

He is a top manager fighting against time. We all know that taking over a legend like Ferguson is not easy, but Moyes has got enough terrific players to succeed, as well as a desire to learn quickly.

3) Some believe that the squad Sir Alex Ferguson left Moyes is one of great potential. What do you think?

Yes, definitely. They have terrific young players, like (Adnan) Januzaj, working with already great players like Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney.

4) A team like United normally move to sign transfer targets early in the transfer window.

What do you think happened this time and how will it affect the team this season?

I think the new board tried a different way to deal with transfers and realised that they made a few big mistakes along the way. Yes, it can have an effect on how the season goes for the team.

5) Do you think veterans like Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic are past their prime?

I don't think I am harsh in saying they are never going to be as young as they were two or three years ago. However, I am sure Moyes will challenge them and get them to perform somewhere close to their best because they will still play important roles in United's title prospects. Rio and Vidic are still massive players.

6) Will United sign anyone in January, and who do you think is on the club's radar?

There are so many good players out there and I'm sure United are interested in bringing at least one more world-class player who will get on with the squad for the new season. Why not ( Juan) Mata, (Leighton) Baines or (Karim) Benzema?

7) Will Wayne Rooney stay?

It's hard to say because Wayne will always have suitors even if he plays badly.

8) Who are your favourites for the league title?

Chelsea and Manchester City because Liverpool and Arsenal are maybe a bit short in terms of the whole squad. For United to have a chance, they will have to go after the international break and produce performances that send a strong message to the other teams that they are back on the title trail.

9) Who has been more valuable to Manchester United over the last 20 years, Roy Keane or Ryan Giggs? Are either of them the greatest player in the history of the Premiership?

They are massive players but Giggs went on to another level. He is not only influential but also still spectacular and fit at nearly 40. Kids will remember him as a legend and an example.

10) How competitive is the IG Masters Tournament, especially with so many ex-Premiership stars on display at the Singapore Indoor Stadium?

I'm brand new on this but we are all bad losers. I'm sure that is enough to explain how competitive this will be.

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